Our local teams includes professional tour guides specializing on history and culture, medical doctors, massage therapists, physical therapists, and health practitioners with many years of experience in rejuvenational and recreational therapy.

Our local teams are dedicated to create the best possible experience for you.

Dr. Maya is a passionate adventure traveler, and everywhere in her travels she makes friends, meets health practitioners and teams of medical clinics and holistic resorts.

We are lucky to have in our teams many talented doctors and other health professionals Dr. Maya met in her travels around the world. They are excited to meet with you and share the diagnostic tools and healing modalities they practice.

Our teams always include the best local history and culture guides Dr. Maya already traveled with. They will share with you some of the unique information about history and culture you otherwise cannot find anywhere else. They will organize private concerts, food and wine tastings, and warm your heart with outstanding hospitality.

Dr. Maya Sarkisyan

Host Doctor, Guide

Dr. Maya is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and an Expert in Health Tourism. She takes groups around the world to healing resources and arranges evaluation and treatments with world experts in health and rejuvenation.

Dr. Maya believes in naturally occurring healing powers and the importance of traveling to it’s location.

She is specializing in the most effective mind and body healing modalities such as acupuncture, NLP, NET, functional medicine, nutritional and cellular detoxification, cosmetic non-invasive procedures, food sensitivities testing, nutritional planning, and many others.

Dr. Vardan Sargsyan

Medical Director,

Armenia Health & Wellness Spa

Dr. Vardan Sargsya, MD is a Medical Director of Health and Wellness spa in Jermuk, Armenia. He specializes in restoration of health with the power of thermal waters. Dr. Sargsyan left his prominent career as a pediatric surgeon to create and expand thermal water medicine in Jermuk. Right now he is responsible for the team of almost 30 health practitioners specializing in various healing modalities.

The clinic has a team of MDs, contains a biochemical laboratory, chiropractic and manual therapy services, a pharmacy with a wide selection of natural remedies and pharmaceutical medication.

Dr. Sargsyan personally attends to our groups and designs personalized treatment protocols.

Natali Gonchar-Khanjyan

 Art and Culture Director

Associate Professor | Faculty of Romance-Germanic Philology – Chair of Foreign Literature

She is a wealth of knowledge on all the aspects of Armenian history, art, and culture. We are lucky to have Natali organize some of our private cultural tours in venues where we never could get otherwise.  


Certified Mountain Guide

 Vazgen is one of a very few certified mountain guides who is also a Ecotourism Specialist at The International Ecotourism Society. He was educated in Ecotourism at the Harbin University of Commerce in China.

Vazgen is proficient in Qigong, he teaches a course on survival skills at the university, and he knows a whole a lot about local plants and nature secrets.

He spends almost all his time in nature, leading groups, teaching students, swimming in ice cold lakes, and climbing mountains. 


Marianna Shahbazyan

Hiking/Trekking Guide 

David Manukyan

Hiking/Trekking Guide, Driver 

Luxury Accomodations
We select accomodations at the best healing sites around the world and match them to a thematic retreats to your satisfaction.
Medical Spa
Is the combination of medical services and pumpering. Your health will be addressed as you are enjoying everyday relaxation services
Hypnotherapy, NLP
Your mind had the ability to heal your body and make you successful. You will have an acess to the best mind technologies in the worls
QiGong, Reiki
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Local Guides
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Gourmet Tours
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